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How to decide which men’s 3 piece suit is best for you?

In our site you will find a range of men’s 3 piece suit at different price ranges and colour shades. Our catalogue of carefully curated men’s 3 piece suits is diverse by the characteristics of both. As well as the men’s 3 piece suits, we offer many of the styles as separates. Which you can combine to create your own suit and mix and match sizes. You also get a wide range of sizes for all kinds of body shapes. And in case any of our sizes are not quite right, we offer alteration services for any minor adjustments you might need. Whether you are looking for men’s 3 piece suits or something more sporty, we can get you dressed. Regardless of the requirements imposed on you by the dress code, you will find current offers at top prices, without compromising on the quality.

abstract background with blue stains - colours used for new men's 3 piece suits in 2022
Photo by Alexander Ant on

The trends for this season are shifting in the direction of breaking the colour palette. Moving from the standard dark colours to more colourful and at the same time grounded shades. The colours of 2022 are Coral, Pale Blue, Mustard, Marsala, Light Mint and Playful Lemon. Of course, not all can be made into suits that don’t look like they came out of a comedy movie. However, you can play with the colour to get classic, yet trendy look this year. Here are some options from

Wells – Light Blue Suit in combination with Lemon Yellow Tie & Hankie Set and Yellow Braces

In general the highest priority colour this year is blue which have the sound name ‘’serenity’’. In this way the designers aim to present the man as a calm, confident and balanced person. That is if we have to summarize this year the palette will be relevant inspiring seriousness confidence and resilience, shifting the focus from the classic black suit.

Check out some Blue men’s 3 piece suits on our site:

A classing pinstripe suit in a modern cut.

Modern fabric, modern looks, made by Marc Darcy.

Vintage looking, tweed feel, a modern cut & stunning colour.

What type of fabric to choose for your 3 piece suit?

We recommend that you not rush to buy first modern look outfit. Because despite their luxurious appearance, the fabrics are not too practical to wear, wrinkle quickly and might not be suitable for your body type.

Depending on your body’s shape, a suit that looks good in the photo might not look good on you. There are 5 general body types – square/column, trapezoid/muscular, oval, triangle and inverted triangle.

illustration featuring the 5 body shapes of men. Helps with choosing the best men's 3 piece suit
Male body figures. The man standing. Men shapes, five types triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, rounded, illustration

This subject requires a bit of explaining so please head over to our in-depth guide here. It will help you identify body shape and show you how to pick the right style for you.  

Once you know your body shape, you need to consider if you are regular height, short or tall. There are a few rules to consider if you are short or tall.

The Short Man

Whilst a strategically tailored men’s 3 piece suit can’t make you grow taller, it can perform many visual tricks to make you seem taller. Creating a long vertical line can add height to a short man. The men’s 3 piece suit should create the appearance of one long line from head to toe. A single-breasted suit’s vertical central line as very important in changing your perceived dimensions. Mid or high rise pants will serve on the trouser leg to a minimum or go with no break at all. Proper proportions should always be a goal . To keep a suit more in line with your shorter stature choose narrowed lapels and a relatively shorter jacket.
If you like a men’s 3 piece suit on our site and it doesn’t have a short option, please contact us to advise you if we can tailor the suit to your requirements.

The Tall Man

Tall men often have the most troubles when buying men’s 3 piece suits off the rack. The get the length you’ll get boxiness, you could taper the jacket but then the arms wold look like barrels. To ensure your legs don’t look like towering poles make sure the pants break clearly without too much fabric creasing on the top of the shoes.
Unfortunately, the is not a lot we can do to alter a suit to long if you are really tall. However, if you need slight alterations, the regular length suits allow 2 inches in the trousers length and 1″ in the sleeves. Do contact us if you require this to quote you the best price.

Fit is everything

taking measurement for mens 3 piece suit
Tailor taking back measurement for a men’s 3 piece suit

Whether you are tall, short, slim, broad or stocky, proper fitting men’s 3 piece suit will make you look downright first class. A quality custom made suit will always be the best choice. However with the modern cuts of ready-made men’s 3 piece suits, you can save some money by getting the right size out-of-the-box. Even if slight alterations might be needed, it would still cost less and you will get a perfect fitting.

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